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Who is Bridgely Key Options?

Bridgely Key Options, LLC was founded in 2013 by Pete Britton and Dennis Cooley. They have been in the PEO industry since the 1980’s and saw an opportunity in the market place to put their experience and relationships to use that would assist all phases of the PEO service.  By setting up an all lines insurance agency, they were able to round out the product offering to the end use customers as well as PEO brokers. This arrangement has made it possible to always have a “yes” answer to a product or service needed. It is that ability to say yes that has enabled BKO to become one of the largest PEO brokers in the state of Florida.

After completing our transition from working inside PEO’s and establishing ourselves as a PEO Broker Agency, we set out to set up new relationships and strengthen existing ones. We felt it was important to reinforce our commitment to integrity and demonstrate our ability to use our experience to improve the PEO broker process.

We also saw the desire for brokers and insurance agents to receive additional support and services that help them compete with firms of all sizes. It’s the same principle as the PEO offering – by pooling resources and expertise in a broker agency, a broker can gain the efficiencies and benefits of a focused PEO sales back office while still working independently.

Operating a successful PEO Broker Agency demands honesty and integrity above everything. Without those qualities, this model doesn't work. Once that foundation is established, opportunity is limitless. We owe our growth and success to each one of the individual brokers and agents that have trusted us to assist them in their sales opportunities. It's been a great experience and daily learning opportunity to continue to improve and make the sales process better with each client.

Just because you are good at juggling it all, doesn’t mean you need to. Business owners are more productive when they can focus on a few key things like customers and growing their business. We can handle all the non revenue generating tasks they juggle while they stay focused.

What We Do

Business owners have to juggle a lot to run their business. We specialize in providing solutions that help small to midsized employers gain the freedom they need, want, and deserve.  Our services allow businesses to focus more on their business, customers, and family.  Our experience, relationships, and access to unique options help create a solution for each customer so they get exactly what they need to be successful.



Bridgely Key Options is one of the premier PEO Broker Agencies in Florida. We are one of the few PEO Brokers that are also an all lines insurance agency. This enables us to deliver bundled services saving our customers money and time. BKO customers are equipped with what they need to attract and retain top quality employees. Our experience, size, and relationships puts us in a unique position to serve small business owners better than our competition.

When you choose BKO, you are choosing freedom and success.