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Solutions to problems are not ‘one size fits all’. Sometimes all you need are payroll services. This is when you are a small employer (1-4 employees) and don’t have a need for additional services yet. But, as you grow, its helpful to have professionals manage your payroll and help keep an eye out for when it’s the right time to add services. When a PEO is not the right solution and a small employer just needs payroll only… we will help you with that!

We have partnered with one of the leading payroll services – Secure HR. Secure HR’s approach is simple. Their tag line says it all – “World Class Payroll, First Class Service“.

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World Class Payroll, First Class Service

Secure HR is leveraging ADP’s payroll system to provide one of the biggest and most stable payroll platforms anywhere in the world. When looking for payroll options, big and stable are very important. As a wholesale distributor of ADP’s payroll services, Secure HR is responsible for all of your customer service. This means you will get a very personal approach, which is also a very important deliverable in payroll.

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