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Imagine the ultimate paradise… You’re off in some fantastic relaxing place with lots of options and everything you need in one place to have a great vacation. Now, what if your business could feel like that? Welcome to Bridgely Key…. Bridgely Key Options, LLC is a PEO broker and full service insurance agency focused on meeting all employer and employee insurance needs in the same way an all inclusive resort would handle your vacation needs – luxurious service, worry free, and relaxing.

By leveraging unique relationships, we are able to provide special services to our clients to make their insurance needs hassle free. From Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Commercial and Personal Auto, to Personal Health Plans. But that’s not all, as a PEO Broker we can also bundle employers HR and Insurance needs into a single Pay-As-You-Go plan. If you need someone to just help you administer all the hassles of payroll, we have an option for that too.

Operating a successful PEO Broker Agency demands honesty and integrity above everything. Without those qualities, this model doesn’t work. Once that foundation is established, opportunity is limitless. After completing our transition from working inside PEO’s and establishing ourselves as a PEO Broker Agency, we set out to set up new relationships and strengthen existing ones. We felt it was important to reinforce our commitment to integrity and demonstrate our ability to use our experience to improve the PEO broker process.

We also saw the desire for brokers and insurance agents to receive additional support and services that help them compete with firms of all sizes. It’s the same principle as the PEO offering – by pooling resources and expertise in a broker agency, a broker can gain the efficiencies and benefits of a focused PEO sales back office while still working independently.

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