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How to become a PEO Broker

Becoming a PEO Broker is easy, but...

Becoming a PEO Broker is easy, but being successful on your own is not.  We are here to help you every step of the way!  We work with experienced insurance agents, experienced PEO brokers, as well as individuals interested in learning more about this great opportunity.

Operating a successful PEO Broker Agency demands honesty and integrity above everything. Without those qualities, this model doesn’t work. Once that foundation is established, opportunity is limitless. After completing our transition from working inside PEO’s and establishing ourselves as a PEO Broker Agency, we set out to set up new relationships and strengthen existing ones. We felt it was important to reinforce our commitment to integrity and demonstrate our ability to use our experience to improve the PEO broker process.

We also saw the desire for brokers and insurance agents to receive additional support and services that help them compete with firms of all sizes. It’s the same principle as the PEO offering – by pooling resources and expertise in a broker agency, a broker can gain the efficiencies and benefits of a focused PEO sales back office while still working independently.

We are aggressively adding independent insurance agents, brokers, and motivated individuals to join our PEO Broker network. We focus on  the construction industry (blue and grey collar).  We help you every step of the way – from prospecting to enrollment and service for the life of the client.  Once you sign up the account with us, its your client to receive residual commission.

  • Increase revenue for your agency and retain 100% ownership of your book of business.
  • Grow workers’ comp sales volume and commissions.
  • Earn generous residual commissions with no volume commitment.
  • Offer your clients a No Down-Payment/No Audit option and pay-as-you-go premiums for workers’ comp.
  • We do NOT have to use your client’s experience modifier. For example, if your client has a 1.25% mod, we could possibly price at .75, saving them lots of money.