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Non Traditional Employee Benefits

Upgrade your employee benefits with a low-cost non-traditional benefit program

Why Non-Insured Benefits

The Problem:

The traditional system is broken. The benefits industry is facing a major challenge: as healthcare costs continue to increase at a rate higher than inflation, the burden falls entirely on employers and employees.

The Solution:

Non-traditional benefits change the conversation from increasing costs to increasing options. Our programs provide convenient access to health and lifestyle services, while reducing claims and improving productivity. Our benefits have no health restrictions, no limit on how often benefits can be used, and no restrictions on who and or when the service must be offered. We deliver unique advantages to employee benefit firms, employers, AND employees.


  • Contain costs by lowering absenteeism and reducing claims as this program operates separately from the health plan

  • Complement health plans and fill in the gaps

  • Improve productivity by providing the resources employees need to stay focused at work

  • Provide tools to encourage smarter healthcare consumers and well-being

  • Offer benefits to employees on the health plan or not, part-timers, or even retirees

  • Help employees save money on healthcare by reducing out-of-pocket expenses

  • Retain employees and attract top talent


  • Save money on healthcare and everyday expenses for themselves and all immediate dependents regardless of medical plan coverage

  • Avoid unnecessary visits to urgent care centers or the emergency room

  • Improve wellness and live a healthier lifestyle

  • Access all their benefits with My Benefits Work TM, our mobile app & web portal

Benefit Plan Descriptions​

Your employees and their families save time and money – you boost morale and improve employee retention.  It’s a WIN – WIN!

These creative employee benefit programs are made possible through our partnership with Converging Health Plan:

You can learn more about them here or on their website: