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PEO and Small Business Experts

PEO and Small Business Experts Experience working for you. Bridgely Key Options has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the PEO industry.  Experience is something that can only be earned over time and we have put in the time.  Whether you are an insurance agent curious about PEO sales opportunities or a…
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Happy New Year! 2021-2022

From all of us at Bridgely Key and Secure HR The year may be almost over, but there are lots of opportunities ahead!  We are going to get a head start on some personal opportunities and will be off on Friday, 31st, 2021. We hope you have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve and…
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Merry Christmas 2021

From all of us at Bridgely Key and Secure HR We will be off celebrating and last-minute shopping on Friday, December 24.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  We are saving our “Happy New Year” email until later next week as we will be in the office helping customers and brokers finish up those…
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Veterans Day Salute 2021

To each service member in the armed forces, it’s because of you that each of us can enjoy the safety and freedom we have today. Happy Veterans Day! God bless each one of you and God bless America. We searched for the words to adequately thank veterans for all they have done.  In our opinion,…
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Your Face When Your Friends Didn’t Listen To You

Have you ever talked to your friend about a problem they were having, gave them excellent advice, they ignored your advice, and then complained to you about that same problem again? Of course!! It has happened to me too! It is so frustrating…

Spend More Time Being Great!

There is only so much time in the day. If you have a lot to accomplish, the you have to make decisions about your time.

Keep your business in the fast lane!

https://youtu.be/zcUNKmef8B8 When it comes to all the payroll regulations, unemployment challenges employers face, health insurance desires, workers’ compensation coverage requirements, new hire reporting, and more, small business owners can be come side tracked, loose focus, and just sputter along. When that same business uses a PEO, the business owner will benefit by shifting all those…
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MEME – Business with and without a PEO

Memes are a great way to relay a message in fun way. They can shortcut a complex message into something short and sweet. This short video meme is just that… Small Businesses without a PEO feel stressed, worried about complex changing governmental regulations, payroll burdens, insurance woes, and more. When small businesses use a PEO…
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Burning money while you wait to renew your insurance

Workers compensation rates dropped in Florida for 2021. If you are waiting to renew your policy until later in the year, you are burning money! You could be saving this money and possibly more by using a PEO for all your employer needs which includes workers compensation. PEO’s offer workers compensation, payroll, group health, supplemental…
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Turning your construction company dream into an easy reality

Starting up a construction company is hard work. Attorneys, accountants, lenders, vendors, insurance, licensing, materials, employees, and more. We can help make this process much easier by supplying the workers’ compensation, payroll, tax administration, group health, human resources, 401k, supplemental health, and many other features. We offer these services to small and mid sized businesses.…
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