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With Bridgely’s Partner Network, PEO Brokers get access to more to sell more

Still juggling Prospecting, Proposals, Selling, and Enrollment Paperwork? Stay Focused On Selling The PEO model is all about saving time and money.  Business owners can stay focused on their customers and growing their business.  Shouldn’t PEO Brokers want the same for their own business?  Working with Bridgely Key brokers don’t have to choose between time…
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Huge Opportunity For Florida Work Comp Insurance Agents

For agents who don’t have a PEO relationship yet, getting started with a PEO partner or obtaining a quote could be time-consuming if they had to call all the various PEO’s to learn their risk appetite, underwriting procedures, pricing model, and more. Fortunately, there is a better solution. Learn what that solution is here.

Construction companies need a PEO solution now more than ever.

Increased labor demands and high material costs are primary drivers for the construction industry to use a PEO.

More business owners are using a PEO now than ever before.

As the economy continues to open, employers need PEO services now more than ever.  Since there are 487 PEO options, business owners need experienced brokers to help them navigate the sea of choices to find the right fit for them.  Each year as the industry is becoming more established, business owners will be more familiar and more comfortable with the PEO relationship.  The growth and migration of business owners to PEO relationships means greater opportunity for brokers and agents to not only grow your income, but help business owners get the services and coverage they need.

Media Coverage of our President, Pete Britton

Congrats to Pete for the news coverage!  Read more at Manatee Herald.

Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day 2021 – Take a moment to remember those who lost their lives while serving our great country.

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

If you are in Florida and in the PEO business, then you are facing an opportunity like none other.

UPDATE Important PEO Legislation Notice Impacting YOU

More on the attack against the PEO industry…  Like the previous email, the State Legislature is reviewing possible legislation that would be damaging for the PEO industry and as a result your career as a PEO advocate and sales professional.  They had a two prong approach but have consolidated efforts under one bill.  The abandon Senate Bill 820 / House Bill 1183 are now under Senate Bill / House Bill 1305. 

Important PEO Legislation Notice 2021

Dear PEO Brokers and Agents, We were going to show another bridge picture and draw some creative metaphors about bridges and working together to create greater success, however, there is some important PEO legislation proposed that you should know about.  Instead I’m including a picture of my wife and I going to Tallahassee to battle…
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Seven Mile Bridge

This famous bridge is in the Florida Keys and connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys and is among the longest bridges in existence when it was built.  Of the many bridges that connect the Florida Keys, the Seven Mile Bridge is the longest.  The Seven Mile Bridge actually consisted of two bridges in…
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