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Month: November 2021

PEO, Payroll, Insurance, and Workers Compensation Brokers

Veterans Day Salute 2021

To each service member in the armed forces, it’s because of you that each of us can enjoy the safety and freedom we have today. Happy Veterans Day! God bless each one of you and God bless America. We searched for the words to adequately thank veterans for all they have done.  In our opinion,…
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The PEO Industry Is Under Attack

The Trial Attorneys are at it again. The PEO Industry is under attack from its competition but not in a fair market way.  Trial attorneys representing plaintiff work comp cases are attempting to regulate PEO’s out of competition by instituting bad policy.  They are trying to create a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…
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PEO’s were there when businesses needed them the most, episode 4 PEO’s are Professional Employer Organizations. As a professional employer, PEO’s partner with businesses to help them in many ways. The pandemic shined a light on how helpful it was to have this business relationship in place. Hear from some business owners themselves tell their story of how a PEO not only helped them survive…
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