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The PEO Industry Is Under Attack

The PEO Industry Is Under Attack

The Trial Attorneys are at it again.

The PEO Industry is under attack from its competition but not in a fair market way.  Trial attorneys representing plaintiff work comp cases are attempting to regulate PEO’s out of competition by instituting bad policy.  They are trying to create a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist today and their solution will have a ripple effect across the state with unintended negative consequences.  

They claim there is a “gap in coverage” when it comes to workers’ compensation coverage.  They claim not all employees are covered by workers’ compensation while in a PEO relationship.  They want non-leased employees on every job site to be covered whether the PEO knows about them or not.  This is bad policy as it actually promotes insurance fraud.

I’m simply someone who has been in the PEO industry for many years and truly believes in the services it provides.  It has been incredible watching this industry grow and mature into the industry it is today.  I’ve seen how much good it does for business owners and I understand the efficiencies it creates at the state and federal level.  I believe in open free-market competition as it creates healthy alternatives and regulation that does anything to disrupt that should be stopped.

The video below contains information you need to know about this active attack going on in Florida against the PEO industry. Currently, the bill is HB295, but they have a history of moving this suggested policy around, so it isn’t mentioned specifically in the video. Please join us in this fight and contact your legislator today and tell them to stop this bill and others like it.