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Year End Audits Are Scary

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Year End Audits Are Scary

Year end audits are scary.

Year end audits can be Scary!! It is a time consuming, complex, task, with lots of money on the line, not to mention how much money you can lose because of a mistake! The best way to handle a year end workers compensation audit is to avoid it all together. By using a PEO, you will pay as you go for your insurance – this eliminates guess work, over payments, large deposits, loss of time, and all the other scary things that come with self premium audits. PEO’s are Professional Employer Organizations. They not only provide insurance to small businesses, but take on the insurance and tax liability. PEO’s have many other advantages like group health benefits, 401k, human resource programs, and more! If you would like to learn how a PEO can help you and your small business, give us a call today!

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