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Here for you.

Here for you.

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Here for you.

As PEO Brokers in the Construction Industry, we’ve been pretty fortunate during these tough times.  Our customers’ operations have been impacted the least.  Home sales, residential construction, and commercial projects are continuing to operate like normal and some are even seeing record sales!  But, that doesn’t mean selling PEO services is any easier.  We are here for you…  We have the tools to assist you with digital marketing campaigns, client email communications on your behalf, and creative supplemental solutions that complement PEO services to help you stand out.

Non-traditional benefits change the conversation from increasing costs to increasing options. CHP programs provide convenient access to health and lifestyle services, while reducing claims and improving productivity. Their benefits have no health restrictions, no limit on how often benefits can be used, and no restrictions on who and or when the service must be offered. They deliver unique advantages to employee benefit firms, employers, AND employees.


For $10.95 / per employee per month:

An employee would get the following: Teledoc ($0 Visit), Health Advocate Solutions, Alternative Medicine, and Retail & Mail Order Pharmacy.

There are several options that CHP provides.  All are low cost, high value employee benefit options for employers to offer their employees.  They are a great way for your clients to offer a benefit that their employees need (Telehealth $0 for them and their family) at prices they can afford.  

Everyone Likes Options…

PEO Broker opportunities in the Construction industry continue to be strong.  We are seeing an increased interest in more than just workers’ compensation.  Interest in additional services like teledoc and wellness programs have grown during the pandemic.  We have some new, really great, solutions!  If you are looking for a complete solution including supplemental insurance products to help you win over your next client, we would love to work with you to provide those services.


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