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WBS Client

WBS Client

Your Silent Partner

You don’t often hear from us directly, but we are always here working for you.  As a strategic partner with WBS, we work closely with WBS and your broker or agent to monitor your account.  We hope you have been safe during these unusual times.  In one way or another, the coronavirus has impacted us all, so we just wanted to reach out to introduce ourselves to those that haven’t talked to us and re-introduce ourselves to those we have.  

PEO Services

As professional employers, PEO’s have a wide array of services they provide.  Many times customers may not know of all the services available either due to new services that weren’t available when they signed up, changes in the business payroll contact, or other reasons.  PEO’s make it easy to put payroll, insurance, and related services on cruise control.  If you would like to review the services you are using and see if there are any changes you would like to make, we would be happy to coordinate that with your broker or your Bridgely Key representative.


In addition to new PEO services, we would like to offer our assistance to you for all things PEO.  This could be a review of your insurance, chasing down a special request, technology assistance, or anything else you need.  There may be additional programs you can be taking advantage of to help your employees like:

  • Supplemental health
  • 401(k)
  • Creative low cost employee benefits
  • and more

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