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PEO, Payroll, Insurance, and Workers Compensation Brokers

Commission Opportunity

Construction employers are enjoying a strong market but facing stiff competition on multiple fronts and need all the help they can get from a PEO. With unemployment low, they are competing for employees. The best overall employment package will win. This means employers need 401k, health benefits, supplemental benefits, ancillary services, and more. A PEO…
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Building Commission

The construction forecast in Florida is very strong. Given the strong outlook, it’s hard to ignore the opportunity! Construction companies make great PEO clients. Most of them are smaller businesses and need the help a PEO can provide. In addition to getting workers’ compensation rates they can’t get on their own, the services a PEO…
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Video Fun

We make several fun video’s and post them on various social media platforms. But, we wanted to consolidate them in one spot for everyone’s viewing pleasure. We created a video page on our website with most of the videos we shared. The goal of most is to simply get the viewers attention and get them…
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Maximizing Opportunities

Your clients want to stay focused on their core business deliverables and trust you to bring them all the options they need for their payroll, HR, and insurance needs. Whether you are a PEO Broker, Agent, or prospect business owner, maximizing sales to each customer is a good practice. With so many opportunities as a…
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Built In Opportunity

Based on internal research, we believe there are an estimated 4500 construction companies in Florida, not using a PEO, that fit into prime work comp categories like; roofing, masonry, flat concrete, framing, and more. Even if our estimates are off substantially, it would still equate to a bunch of opportunity. Rates are published and have…
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Building Business Together

There are many reports and powerful statistical data about the opportunities in the construction related industry. To capitalize on this opportunity, the next steps would be to cultivate the relationships that position you with the partners that will create the greatest success. When it comes to PEO Construction relationships, Bridgely Key is the #1 Broker…
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Tools of the Trade

Whether you are selling, running business, or building a home, you can’t simply use one tool to do everything. We all have favorite tools to help us get stuff done, but sometimes, you have to open up your tool bag or reach into your tool belt and use a different tool. Hopefully, the analogy is…
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Limited Time

Finding the right PEO is where we, as a collective group of PEO Brokers, fit in. Left on their own, clients would spend even more time than they hope to be saving during the selection process. We all know there are many differences in the various PEO’s and help our clients find the right fit…
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Embracing Millennials

There is much discussion about the Millennials in both the political environment as well as in the business environment. Putting politics aside, we all need to find a way to work together. Our economy and small to mid sized businesses as we know them depend on each new workforce transition. This group is large and…
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Commission Happiness

Are you the person who is confused or unhappy with their commission or are you the person that is happy because you don’t have to guess if your commissions are correct or on time? We strive to always be on time or early with our commissions. We also strive to make our commission reports clear…
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